The best part about a festival is the food! From bubble tea and lemonade to pierogies, kettle corn, hamburgers, hotdogs, gyros, and crepes, there is something to please every palate. And it wouldn’t be complete without hitting that sweet tooth with cupcakes, funnel cakes and apple dumplings!

We have an amazing variety of vendors but we are always looking for more!

Vendor Application

Here are the food vendors for this year’s festival:

  • Pitaland
  • Took Concessions
  • PGH Halal
  • Boyers Ice Cream
  • PGH Crepes
  • BRGR
  • Tango Food Truck
  • Studecakers
  • B & L Burgers
  • Marburgers Concession
  • R & J Food Concessions
  • Dee’s Apple Dumplings
  • St. John’s Church
  • Burneisen Concessions
  • Pithers
  • Sweet Sips Cafe
  • Sinkers & Suds

Food Vendor Information

✉ Food Vendor Chair

2017 Food Vendor Application

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A little timeline video of this years festival ...

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Butler Fall Festival shared Superhv's Hypnotizing patterns on clay. ...

Russian artist Mikhail Sadovnikov uses his bare hands to create hypnotizing patterns on wet clay.

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Since the Fall Festival supports Arts & Crafts; we wanted to say Happy “NaNoWriMo” Month to all our writing friends out there! ...

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Butler Fall Festival updated their profile picture. ...

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